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Data Centre for Circular Economy

Have your business joined the producer responsibility system and the circular economy?

Check to see if you are covered


Are you a producer or an importer of products or equipment dependent on electric currents? See which rules apply specifically to electronics and how to proceed.

Understanding the rules on electronics


Are you an importer of automotive batteries, industrial batteries, or portable batteries? See what applies specifically to each of the three types of battery.

Understanding the rules on batteries


Are you an importer of new or second-hand passenger vehicles or small trucks? Or do you wish to scrap your old car? See how producer responsibility for vehicles is organised in Denmark

Understanding the rules on vehicles


Scrap your car and get your scrapping premium

Do you own an end-of-life car? If so, you can scrap your car in an environmentally correct way and get your scrapping premium.

See how to scrap your car


Circular economy and producer responsibility

See how the European Circular economy action plan and the producer responsibility system affect you

About registration

See why and how to register in the producer register as a new producer or importer


See the present geographic distribution of producers’ pickup from the municipal collection sites

Producer register

See already registered producers and importers of electronics, batteries, and vehicles

Digital disbursement system (DUS)

See how to scrap your car, find a car breaker, and receive the scrapping premium

Reporting of environmental treatment of vehicles

Proceed to car breakers’ annual reporting

Statistics and Environmental targets

See the latest statistics for electronics, batteries, and vehicles as well as environmental targets


See current fee rates and calculate your own fees

Marking of equipment

See the rules governing the marking of electronics and batteries

Municipalities and collection sites

See municipalities and municipal collection sites for waste electronics and portable batteries


See FAQ regarding electronics, batteries, and vehicles, role of the municipalities, and how to scrap your car