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Car scrapping

Diesel scheme - higher scrapping premium

Combating pollution and having an extra DKK 5,000 on your account. Receiving a higher scrapping premium when you scrap your old polluting diesel car is the carrot of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s launch of the so-called Diesel scheme. In the present round, the system runs until 31 December 2021 or until funds are exhausted. See what is left in the diesel scheme fund.

If you own an old diesel car you have had the opportunity since 6 April 2021 to get a higher scrapping premium if you scrap your diesel car and it is registered for the first time before 2006. The scrapping premium has been raised from DKK 2,200 to DKK 5,000 and will be paid according to the first-come-first-served principle. DKK 100 million have been set aside in the fund, and this corresponds to a premium for around 35,000 end-of-life diesel cars.

What is left in the diesel scheme fund? 
We publish a regular status on how much money is left. See here how much money is left.

Danish Environmental Protection Agency and DPA

The funds are administered jointly by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and DPA. The higher scrapping premium of DKK 5,000 lapses when funds are exhausted or no later than 31 December 2021. After this date applicants receive the ordinary amount of DKK 2,200 when they scrap their old diesel car.

Questions and answers about the Diesel scheme

The higher diesel scrapping premium amounts to DKK 2,800. It is paid together with the ordinary scrapping premium of DKK 2,200.

In total DKK 5,000 is paid as the higher diesel scrapping premium.

The 2021 diesel scrapping scheme started payments on 6 April 2021 and is closed by 31. dec. at midnight.

Scrap-cases entered up to closing time will be paid in the next couple of days.

To be eligible for the higher scrapping premium the following must be complied with:

  1. The car must comply with all requirements for the ordinary scrapping premium
  2. The car propellant must be diesel
  3. The car must be registered the first time before 1 January 2006
  4. The car must be delivered to a car breaker after 6 April 2021

If you wish to receive the higher scrapping premium, you must do as follows:

  1. Log onto (if you have a CVR no. NemID) or (if you are a business)
  2. Search for ‘skrot bil’ (scrap car) and create a case by searching out your car and identifying a car breaker
  3. You must be the registered owner of the car to receive the scrapping premium
  4. Take your diesel car to the car breaker
  5. The premium is paid out to your NemKonto no later than two weeks after emission of certificate of destruction

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has made a website explaining the preconditions for the higher scrapping premium.

You can find the site here

You can find the list of approved car breakers on

Check whether the car is registered under your CPR number or your business CVR number – then log onto either or to scrap the car.

If you are registered as the personal owner of the car
Go to and search for “Skrotpræmie for bil” (scrapping premium for cars) under “Menu” in the top right-hand corner. Then click “selvbetjening:  Ansøg om skrotningsgodtgørelse” (self-service – apply for scrapping premium). Click the green button “Videre” (continue) and log in with NemID. Here you will find the scrapping request under “1. Godkend skrotningsanmodning”, (approve scrapping request) and you can now reject or approve.

If the vehicle is registered by a business
Go to and search for “Skrotpræmie for bil” (scrapping premium for vehicle) – select “Skrotpræmie for bil – Miljøstyrelsen” (scrapping premium for vehicle – Danish Environmental Protection Agency), then click  “Selvbetjening” (self-service) and log in with the business’s NemID. Here you will find the scrapping request under “1. Godkend skrotningsanmodning”, (approve scrapping request) and you can now reject or approve.

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Higher scrapping premium for diesel vehicle

See here how much money is left. The scheme will expire on 31 December 2021


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