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Batteries (BAT)
Treatment of batteries

Quantities of batteries treated

Quantities of batteries sent to treatment and recycling efficiency of batteries per substance group.

Treatment of batteries and efficiency

ÅrKategoriSendt til behandlingGenanvendtEffektivitets-%
2014Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)89.26866.96475%
2014Bly syre17071.66517053.241100%
2014Nikkel cadmium58.96548.93983%
2015Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)69.32861.72189%
2015Bly syre16980.2813568.66480%
2015Nikkel cadmium18.75215.44582%
2013Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)21.78919.57790%
2013Bly syre16955.7216868.40399%
2013Nikkel cadmium52.93139.86675%
2016Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)19.87711.72759%
2016Bly syre16917.16713540.77480%
2016Nikkel cadmium44.58236.6182%
2018Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)14.6528.56158%
2018Bly syre22199.99717546.76179%
2018Nikkel cadmium79.3264.83282%
2017Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)13.87.37453%
2017Bly syre21114.77616705.26279%
2017Nikkel cadmium49.5640.66582%
2019Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)9.845.31554%
2019Bly syre19526.49915364.70679%
2019Nikkel cadmium90.48271.74779%
2021Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)1.2730.62649%
2021Bly syre4336.3714094.62194%
2021Nikkel cadmium49.49644.67690%
2020Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)0.0020.002100%
2020Bly syre12775.34310434.09782%
2020Nikkel cadmium49.7140.30981%
2022Knapceller (zink / kviksølvoxid / sølvoxid)00Nan%
2022Bly syre4547.6944246.88593%
2022Nikkel cadmium51.68745.20387%
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