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In Danish Producer Responsibility (DPA), our purpose is to develop and operate the statutory, national producer register. We have gathered a collection of relevant documents and articles where you can search out detailed information. For example, you can search for procedures or guidelines, notes from the authorities, statutory texts, or Danish and EU related reports and articles.

Økonomi og Andre omkostninger (WEEE)

Udover gebyrer og evt. økonomisk sikkerhedsstillelse er der også andre omkostninger forbundet med producentansvaret, disse er bla. omkostninger til mærkning af produkter, tilbagetagning, oparbejdning og miljøbehandling af elskrot, oplysningspligt /informationsmateriale til forbrugere.

DPA-vejledninger, DPA-System, 2022

Allocation scheme – calculation principles (WEEE)

This document describes procedures and formulas used in DPA to calculate the share of WEEE allocated to each producer. The distribution of WEEE from households is referred to as “the allocation scheme” and concerns geografical allocation of WEEE to be collected by the collective schemes on municipal collection sites.

DPA-guidelines, Dansk Producentansvar, 2022

Financial guarantee

This document describes the calculation and use of financial guarantee which producers of electrical equipment with end users in private households must provide annually. The principles behind, the calculation, the possible use and the possible exemption from provision of financial guarantee is described.The financial guarantee will be used to cover emerged costs during an allocation period (one year). The financial guarantee must must be made in the form of a so-called guarantee on demand.

DPA-guidelines, Dansk Producentansvar, 2022

Economy: Other costs (WEEE)

Apart from fees and provision of a financial guarantee there are other costs connected to the producer responsibility. Theese are i.e. marking of products, environmentally safe reprocessing of weee, information material for users and reprocessors.

DPA-guidelines, DPA-System, 2022

Payment to SKAT for portable batteries – guideline

DPA-System has made a brief guideline for producers and importers describing how to make the annual report for portable batteries placed on the market through Danish Tax Authority ( SKAT )'s website. Also it is described how to deregistrate / inactivate if you stop selling portable batteries in Denmark.

DPA-guidelines, DPA-System, 2022

Notifying function

The document describes the use of the notifying-function (former known as Whistleblower) on the DPA's website. Here you can report illegal circumstances such as free-riders, unwanted scraping or environmental harmful businesses.

DPA-guidelines, DPA-System, 2021

Guidelines for Registration and Annual Reporting

This document describes how and which data to be reported in connection with registration of a new producer or importer. It is also explained which data to be reported annually to DPA-System in the annual reporting period from 1 January to 31 March. A guide for the Danish producer responsibility register.

DPA-guidelines, Dansk Producentansvar, 2021

Statement concerning re-export

Templates for statement on re-export. When a report is made of re-exported quantities it must be documented with this declaration. The registered producer must submit/upload this declaration to DPA-System. The company re-exporting the quantity in question must document with his signature. Refusion for re-exported volumes is possible for marketed volumes 2 years back. Download formula for year 2021 or choose statement year using the links below.

Forms, Dansk Producentansvar, DPA-System, 2021

Guarantee on demand

The producer responsibility entails a requirement for an annual financial guarantee regarding costs for collection and reprocessing of WEEE. The financial guarantee is used in situations where a producer or an importer ceases to exist or does not assume responsibility for management of the allocated quantities of WEEE. The financial guarantee must be provided in this so-called guarantee on demand in a Danish financial institution or a Danish branch office.

Forms, DPA-System, 2011