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Vehicles (ELV)

Scrapped cars grouped by region

Here you can find statistics of scrapped cars grouped by region. Statistics are continuously updated.

Number of scrapped cars grouped by region

ÅrRegionAntalGns. alder
2017Region Hovedstaden2477916.97
2017Region Syddanmark2619017.83
2017Region Sjælland1937617.26
2017Region Nordjylland1317017.54
2017Region Midtjylland2666517.41
2017Ukendt region17416.58
2019Region Hovedstaden2461017.34
2019Region Sjælland2076418.16
2019Region Midtjylland2967417.2
2019Region Syddanmark2826918
2019Region Nordjylland1388017.68
2019Ukendt region717.29
2014Region Nordjylland1314517.27
2014Region Sjælland1966716.99
2014Region Hovedstaden2604516.47
2014Region Syddanmark2919517.22
2014Region Midtjylland2767817.05
2014Ukendt region916.11
2018Region Syddanmark2734917.7
2018Region Nordjylland1248717.84
2018Region Hovedstaden2485616.9
2018Region Midtjylland2779117.35
2018Region Sjælland1959017.34
2018Ukendt region2317.87
2015Region Syddanmark2542817.19
2015Region Midtjylland2411916.95
2015Region Sjælland1693916.95
2015Region Hovedstaden2285716.64
2015Region Nordjylland1163617.29
2015Ukendt region16416.92
2020Region Hovedstaden2283017.53
2020Region Sjælland1839817.2
2020Region Nordjylland1310116.73
2020Region Midtjylland2520016.71
2020Region Syddanmark2380117.52
2020Ukendt region7415.01
2021Ukendt region8012.99
2021Region Midtjylland2487316.85
2021Region Sjælland1701517.28
2021Region Syddanmark2301117.45
2021Region Hovedstaden2033917.35
2021Region Nordjylland1267516.65
2016Region Syddanmark2261017.43
2016Region Midtjylland2188417.26
2016Region Nordjylland993717.12
2016Region Hovedstaden2125616.72
2016Region Sjælland1548617.12
2016Ukendt region27416.91
2022Region Nordjylland1058816.5
2022Region Hovedstaden1715917.68
2022Region Midtjylland2075116.71
2022Region Syddanmark1844317.22
2022Region Sjælland1339017.49
2022Ukendt region5610.25
2013Region Midtjylland1627416.87
2013Region Syddanmark1691317.05
2013Region Hovedstaden1493016.4
2013Region Sjælland1094016.6
2013Region Nordjylland782817.2
2013Ukendt region514.8
2023Region Syddanmark408017.55
2023Region Sjælland320617.35
2023Region Midtjylland548216.42
2023Region Hovedstaden379517.67
2023Region Nordjylland256416.47
2023Ukendt region278.52
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