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Cooperation forum’s recommendations for producer responsibility for packaging

(In Danish only) Producer responsibility for packaging must be introduced in Denmark no later than 31 December 2024. The new minimum requirements for existing producer responsibility schemes (vehicles, batteries, waste electronics) of the waste directive must be implemented from 5 January 2023. New producer responsibility further to the single-use plastics directive must be implemented on 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2024, respectively. The Cooperation forum (SAF) is made up of a range of senior representatives of key players affected by producer responsibility that in the future must assume in close cooperation concrete and practical tasks relating to waste management of waste fractions in the producer responsibility scope.

Recommendations for eight topics
Many elements must be decided in the extended producer responsibility schemes and many new requirements will enter into force in the next five years. Therefore, the recommendations are divided into eight topics.
1. Organisation of packaging waste from households – distribution of responsibilities and framework of the cooperation between producers and local authorities
2. Decision on compensation granted to producers for municipal activities
3. Organisation of packaging waste from commercial activities
4. Regulation of compliance schemes
5. Permanent Cooperation forum
6. Eco-modulated fees
7. Financial responsibility for cleaning up litter in the single-use plastics directive
8. Administration of producer responsibility schemes