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Find your invoice in the Danish digital post systems

If you are a Danish company, or an Authorized Representative (AR) of an EU-based company, the invoice for the one-time registration fee as well as the annual quantity fee will be sent as digital mail via the Danish business registration number (CVR). Only foreign companies outside the EU will receive invoices and payment instructions through the company's contact e-mail. See how to find the annual invoice from DPA in the digital shipping channels.

Digital Post is a part of the cross-governmental digital service infrastructure in Denmark. Digital Post enables public authorities to communicate securely with citizens and businesses.

Digital post on

Invoice on

All Danish companies receives mail from authorities through their digital mailbox at We send the invoice via your CVR number to your digital mailbox, which also contains a cover letter and payment instructions. The invoice itself will be found as an attached pdf file which you will find above the cover letter. See the yellow arrows in the picture.


Invoice via the platform e-Boks

If you have accepted to receive mail from authorities in your e-Box, you will also find your invoice from the Danish producer responsibility register here. It is the same procedure as above, but the user interface itself is different since attachments are located as tabs on the top left.