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Batteries (BAT)
Batteries collected

Quantities of batteries collected

Quantities of batteries collected from municipalities along with total quantities collected broken down on industrial batteries, automotive batteries, and portable batteries per collection route and year - and developments over time.

Batteries collected per type and collection route

ÅrKategoriKommunal indsamlingKollektiv indsamlingProducent indsamlingTotal
2023Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries2539.92627.7941.0732568.793
2023Industri batterier|Industrial batteries04709.799300.3925010.191
2023Bil batterier|Automotive batteries09942.88794.63310037.52
2020Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries2535.023111.8757.7162654.614
2020Industri batterier|Industrial batteries03906.891139.6845046.574
2020Bil batterier|Automotive batteries05535.4322791.7178327.149
2021Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries2506.968111.2720.9172619.157
2021Industri batterier|Industrial batteries07146.5071792.3258938.832
2021Bil batterier|Automotive batteries05555.64270.3225625.964
2022Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries2464.541113.6050.3192578.465
2022Industri batterier|Industrial batteries00339.294339.294
2022Bil batterier|Automotive batteries06940.39170.0527010.443
2019Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries2167.43679.7621.5042248.702
2019Bil batterier|Automotive batteries09539.0662781.0812320.146
2019Industri batterier|Industrial batteries06496.2791299.4447795.723
2017Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries1893.43462.28726.9411982.662
2017Industri batterier|Industrial batteries08134.4021195.8429330.244
2017Bil batterier|Automotive batteries08421.0474077.22112498.268
2018Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries1860.233111.0447.0551978.332
2018Industri batterier|Industrial batteries07268.9971722.068991.057
2018Bil batterier|Automotive batteries010504.3113018.59813522.909
2016Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries1583.80778.02118.7031680.531
2016Industri batterier|Industrial batteries05921.691138.9317060.621
2016Bil batterier|Automotive batteries07354.8433128.34510483.188
2015Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries1461.71122.5971.6321585.939
2015Industri batterier|Industrial batteries07185.056157.6067342.662
2015Bil batterier|Automotive batteries04828.8524547.2079376.059
2014Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries1414.97566.22150.5211531.717
2014Industri batterier|Industrial batteries06287.9737.1547025.054
2014Bil batterier|Automotive batteries07542.3833148.75410691.137
2013Bærbare batterier|Portable batteries1309.66661.19926.6661397.531
2013Industri batterier|Industrial batteries08352.269759.4919111.76
2013Bil batterier|Automotive batteries05205.093288.9498494.039
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Quantities of batteries collected

Quantities taken back or collected quantities are the terms used for the quantities of end-of-life batteries and accumulators that producers and importers have collected or taken back in the previous calendar year.

Collected quantities are registered per type and do not necessary reflect the take-back of own batteries previously placed on the market.

The producer/the importer or their compliance scheme must state how large a proportion of the batteries is taken back from the following sources:
Municipal collection sites (only applies to portable batteries)
Compliance schemes’ collection sites (also applies to industrial and automotive batteries)
Own collection, such as retailers and car dealers (also applies to industrial and automotive batteries)

Developments in total quantities collected per type

ÅrBærbare batterierBil batterierIndustri batterier

Municipal collection of portable batteries

SKAT and portable batteries

An extra payment has been introduced on portable batteries placed on the market in Denmark. This payment is to cover the costs incurred by the local authorities for the collection of waste batteries from citizens. The payment is levied by SKAT in line with other excise duties. This means that producers and importers must report volumes of portable batteries placed on the market to SKAT once a year after which SKAT transfers data on reported quantities to DPA. Quantities of portable batteries sold are reported to SKAT while the two other battery types are reported directly to DPA.

Producers collect portable batteries through municipal collection sites. In addition, batteries are collected through compliance scheme sites and through producers’ own collection.

Statistics batteries

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Batteries collected

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Batteries collected in municipalities

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Difference - batteries sold and collected

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Batteries treated

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Batteries - environmental targets

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