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Batteries (BAT)
Difference – batteries sold and collected

Difference between quantities of batteries placed on the market and quantities of end-of-life batteries collected

Here you can see the difference between quantities of batteries placed on the market and quantities of waste batteries collected. The aim is that the gap between the bars should gradually close up, as this will indicate that producers, their collective schemes, and the authorities assume their take-back duty of end-of-life batteries, thereby ensuring environmental treatment and recycling of the material resources into new batteries.

Portable batteries

Automotive batteries

Collection rate

Against the background of quantities placed on the market the collection rate is calculated. This rate is subject to an environmental target in the producer responsibility legislation. (See menu item EU targets, and calculation method.)
We see an increase in the collection of portable batteries and automotive batteries; by contrast, the collection of industrial batteries has decreased. With respect to the collection rate the improved collection of portable batteries is outweighed by a corresponding increase in quantities placed on the market.

EU environmental targets

As from 26 September 2016 the Batteries Directive sets up a collection target for batteries of 45% compared with the 2012 target of 25%.



Industrial batteries

Statistics batteries

Batteries placed on the market

See quantities of batteries by type placed on the Danish market in current reporting year as well as developments in these quantities.

Batteries collected

See quantities of end-of-life automotive batteries, industrial batteries, and portable batteries collected in the municipalities, by compliance schemes, and by producers.

Batteries collected in municipalities

See portable batteries collected in municipalities, per municipality, and per capita.

Difference - batteries sold and collected

See the difference between how many batteries are placed on the market and how many are collected when they reach their end of life.

Batteries treated

See recycling efficiency for end-of-life batteries.

Batteries - environmental targets

See Denmark's compliance with environmental targets set out by the EU Commission.