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Registration for Packaging on April 1, 2024

The Ministry of the Environment expects that those of you who will be subject to producer responsibility for packaging, must complete your mandatory registration starting from April 1, 2024. You must make the registration in the national producer responsibility register, which is administered by us at DPA. You can access the register through our website at or on the Danish Authority Portal:

What to register?

You must register your CVR/VAT, number and contact information and, if applicable, your affiliation with a collective scheme and  if  EU-company an Authorised Representative(AR).

Then you choose the categories of packaging types and -materials that are relevant for your business. For each category, you must specify the quantity (in kilograms) that you expect to put-on the Danish market in 2024. Once you have confirmed the information and paid the one-time registration fee, your mandatory registration will be established as approved.

DPA guides both new and existing producers

At DPA  we continuously publish information here on  Thus, you can find information that can guide you in assessing whether you are subject to producer responsibility for packaging, as well as the detailed information regarding registration and the annual reporting of packaging quantities.

Those of you who are already registered for electronics and batteries are most likely also subject to producer responsibility for packaging. In the future, you will receive information about packaging along with other mandatory information from DPA

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