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Producer responsibility for packaging

Companies subject to producer responsibility for Packaging must register in the producer register. After that you must report every year the quantities of packaging that you make available on the market in Denmark. Here you can read more about the rules for producer responsibility, who is covered, and how you register.

What is packaging?

Packaging means all products made of any materials of any nature to be used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods from the producer to the user or the consumer. All disposable products used for the same purpose are also packaging.

See packaging products

The rules are the same

The regulatory mechanisms are fundamentally the same for all product groups covered by producer responsibility – both in Denmark and the EU. Therefore, the packaging sector follows the same principles regarding national registration and reporting obligations for the companies included, including requirements for financing schemes and achieving specified environmental goals.



Are you subject to producer responsibility?

If you are the first one making packaging or filled packaging available on the Danish market, you have as a general rule producer responsibility for your packaging. Making available means that your company puts on the market/offers for sale packaging or packaged products to other companies or directly to a consumer with or without remuneration. Take a guiding test to see if your product is covered.

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When must you register?

Existing companies subject to producer responsibility for Packaging must register no later than 31 August 2024. Companies starting business or starting to put products covered by producer responsibility on the market after 31 August must register no later than 14 days before starting to put these products on the market.

How to register

If you are covered, you must register in the national producer register. Use button Register for Packaging at the top of the page. Here you can also register more than one producer responsibility field.

Below you can find an outline of the information and practical issues you should note when registering.

Guide to registration

In order to log onto the producer register you must use MitID Erhverv similar to the site Your company administrator of MitID Erhverv must give you the right ”Producer responsibility: Business” so you can log onto the DPA registers.

Contact your MitID administrator and refer to this guideline:

MitID Erhverv for DPA-registers (Packaging)



If your company is established in Denmark, your CVR number (not the SE number) works as your unique identification and registration number. When you start the registration, the system will first transfer your information from CVR.

Therefore, make sure that your company information in CVR is up-to-date.

Search in CVR – Central company register in Denmark

You yourself must enter contact person and other statutory information that does not appear in CVR. This may be, for instance, your website address, membership of compliance scheme, etc.

You must also state the type of packaging and packaging material for which you register.

If you are to represent an EU company that is not established in Denmark, that company must request that you become their authorised representative (AR). The request is sent to your digital mailbox.

Go to the site on authorised representative

A collective scheme is a company offering to assume various tasks on behalf of producers that are members in that scheme. In practice, the producer becomes a member of the collective scheme that will then make sure, among others, that data are reported to the producer register on behalf of the producer. If you wish to become a member of a collective scheme, you can select one or more in the registration process.

When you register your company, you must state how much packaging you have made available for each packaging category. This means that you must keep accounts of quantities of packaging made available. The first time you register a category you must state expected quantities for the present year.

If your packaging consists of several material types that cannot be readily separated, you must select the primary type for the entire weight of the packaging in question.

Environmental targets

All producer responsibility fields are covered by targets for collection of used products and materials per member state. Of these collected quantities there are furthermore minimum requirements for recycling and recovery of each material group, in percent by weight.  These targets for recycling and recovery apply to each member state, and also to each business or compliance scheme subject to producer responsibility.

Percentage targets for recycling of packaging materials

MaterialCurrent targets (weight%)Coming targets (weight%) - from 2025Coming targets (weight%) - from 2030
All packaging556570
Metal (ferrous)50 (incl. Al)7080
Aluminum (non-ferrous)-5060

Source: EUROSTAT and Packaging-directive 2018/852


About registration

We expect registration can be made from april 2024. It is not possible to register for producer responsibility for packaging before this date

Marking of packaging

See marking requirements and codes to be used for packaging products

Packaging - legislation

See the statutory basis for producer responsibility for packaging

Minimum requirements

See legislation on future minimum requirements for all producer responsibility fields

European Registers

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  • 32.5 million tonnes
    of cardboard packaging waste in 2020 in EU
  • 15.5 million tonnes
    of plastic packaging waste in 2020 in EU
  • 15.5 million tonnes
    of glass packaging waste in 2020 in EU
  • 225.8 kg /year
    of packaging per EU resident