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Batteries – legislation

Legislation on batteries and end-of-life batteries

If you wish to know more about the rules applying specifically to producer responsibility for batteries, we have gathered some information here. Producer responsibility covers anyone producing or importing automotive batteries, industrial batteries, and portable batteries.

Battery Directive

The EU Battery Directive and associated regulations define the general guidelines concerning producer responsibility for batteries and accumulators. The rules have been implemented with various Danish Statutory Orders

Battery Order

The Danish main Order regulating the producer responsibility for batteries and accumulators, including the use of such products in electronics and vehicles etc.

From EU to Denmark

The Battery Directive sets out common EU rules for the use and management of all types of batteries, including the reduction of the use of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. The associated regulations lay down rules regarding capacity measurement and labelling and calculation of quantities placed on the market and calculation of efficiency targets.

The rules take offset in environmental considerations and aim to limit the inappropriate use and disposal of batteries and to improve the utilisation of recyclable metals contained in batteries.

Producer responsibility has authority in the Danish Environmental Protection Act as reflected in the so-called Battery Order.

Legislation applies to all producers and importers placing batteries on the Danish market. In addition, car importers, compliance schemes, local authorities, and recycling industries are regulated in part of this regulation.


EU Commission’s information site about producer responsibility for batteries

Visit the EU Commission’s website on batteries with link to directives and regulations, summary of purpose, and current environmental targets. New measures and amendments to legislation are also published here

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