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Organising your producer responsibility

Collective schemes in Denmark

These are the collective compliance schemes operating in Denmark. Each scheme offer various services and assignments on behalf of the producers in connection with the producer responsibility. You can obtain compliance both as collective and/or individual scheme.

Collective schemes i Denmark


Electronics | Batteries


Høje Taastrup Boulevard 30
DK-2630 Taastrup

CVR 28835124

Tel no. +45 3336 9197



Høje Taastrup Boulevard 30
DK-2630 Taastrup

CVR 28835124

Tel no. +45 3336 9181

Electronics | Batteries | Packaging | Fishing gear

ERP Denmark ApS

Lindholm Havnevej 31
DK-5800 Nyborg

CVR 33153155

Tel no. +45 6333 0028

Electronics | Batteries

Recipo A/S

Vesterbrogade 149
DK-1620 København V

CVR 38266187

Tel no. +45 78787300

Electronics | Batteries | Packaging


Karl‑Hammerschmidt‑Str. 36
D-85609 Aschheim

VAT 241481912

Tel no. 0049-(0)-89-49049 100



c/o Pia Thomsen
Merkurvej 19
DK-7100 Vejle

CVR 17280384

Tel no. +45 4448 9014


Shenzhen Jixin Technology Co., Ltd

No. 12 Baoji Road
Xiangjiaotang Community, Bantian Street
Longgang District
518000 Shenzhen

Registreringsnummer: 91440300MA5GC8HW8N

tlf: +86 18026615499


Stena Recycling A/S

Dansk Bil-Retur by Stena Recycling A/S
Banemarksvej 40
DK-2605 Brøndby

CVR 24208362

Tel no. +45 5667 9200



Vesterbrogade 6D, 2. sal
DK-1620 København V

CVR 44710870

Tel no. +45 53 53 32 44

How to connect with a collective scheme

You should initially contact the various collective schemes to find the scheme that suits your company best. Once you have found out who you want to work with, do the following:

  1. Ask the collective scheme to set up your registration.
  2. Log in to the producer responsibility register and select the menu item: “Category selection and reporting” and “Collective schemes”. From each product category, the relevant collective scheme is selected in the drop-down list. Press Save.

The collective scheme now receives a request, which they will accept if you have an agreement. When the collective scheme accepts the request, the official connection to the collective scheme is established, and can be searched in the public part of the register.

Modulated fees

Legal requirements have been introduced for collective schemes to scale their fees to producer members. Fee modulation has been introduced as part of the new minimum requirements for all national producer responsibility schemes in the EU. The purpose is to optimize environmentally friendly product design and thus the following environmental treatment of end-of-life products. The requirement came into force on 5 January 2023.

See more about minimum requirements

Overall, a distinction is made between two forms of fee modulation called graduation or differentiation. The latter form of fee is based on variable terms, e.g. fluctuating transport and processing prices, while graduated fees are based on grouping according to established criteria.

Bonus – Malus

In Denmark, collective schemes must use graduated fees according to a so-called bonus/malus model. This generally means that you who are members of a collective producer scheme are divided into 2 groups. A group whose products meet the criteria laid down in the legal decrees and the rest that do not.

Manufacturers and importers in the group whose products do not meet given criteria must pay (20%) more in fees than those who do. This additional payment is intended to be used to cover – at best optimize – the costs of transport and the quality of environmental treatment of your end-of-life electronics. If you have products in both groupings, you pay the above malus of 20% on top of the ordinary fee for the collective scheme.

Criteria for fee graduation in Denmark per 5 January 2023

Electronics are divided in Group 1 and Group 2Criteria for access to Group 1
All EEE categories except cat. 3 and cat. 7Must be marketed with a durability guarantee of 2 years in addition to the mandatory 2-year right of complaint.
Cat. 3. Light sourcesA minimum content of recycled material of 10%
Cat. 7 Photo Voltaic Panels (Solar cell panels)Must have no content of lead (Pb)
Cars are divided in Green group and Red groupCriteria for access to Green group
Private vehicles and light carrier vehiclesDurability, refurbishmentability, reuseability, recycability and content of hazardous substances
(no specified limit values)

All criteria are statutored in the Danish WEEE Order Annex 10 and ELV Order Annex 6.

The orders are in Danish only

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