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Marking of packaging

For packaging of plastic and composite materials classification codes and marking rules have been introduced to show what plastic type or composite material has been used to make the packaging. The marking is intended to facilitate sorting when packagings are collected as waste in view of being recycled.

Not a requirement

Packaging placed on the market in Denmark may be marked to show the type of packaging material. In other EU-countries the marking of packaging are legally required.

Marking codes for packaging

A. Number and abbreviation system for non-composite materials

Material Abbreviation *) Number
Polyethylene terephthalate PET
High density polyethylene HDPE
Polyvinyl chloride PVC
Low density polyethylene LDPE
Polypropylene PP
Polystyrene PS
Other plastics/Combinations

Corrugated cardboard
Other cardboard

PAP 20
Paper PAP 22
Steel FE 40
Aluminium ALU 41
Wood FOR 50
Cork FOR 51
Cotton TEX 60
Jute TEX 61
Clear glass GL 70
Green glass GL 71
Brown glass GL 72

(*) Abbreviations are in capital letters.

B. Number and abbreviation system for composite materials

Materials Number
Paper and cardboard/different metals 80
Paper and cardboard/plastic 81
Paper and plastic/aluminium 82
Paper and cardboard/sheet metal 83
Paper and cardboard/plastic/aluminium 84
Paper and cardboard/aluminium/sheet metal 85
Plastic/aluminium 90
Plastic/sheet metal 91
Plastic/different metals 92
Glass/plastic 95
Glass/aluminium 96
Glass/sheet metal 97
Glass/different metals 98

Abbreviation: The abbreviation used for composite materials is C plus
the abbreviation for the predominant material. Abbreviations are
in capital letters. Example: C/PAP.

When marking your packaging you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Marking must use both abbreviations and number codes.
  2. Marking must be on the packaging or on a label put on the packaging.
  3. Marking must be visible and easily readable.
  4. Marking must have a suitable life and durability, also after opening of the packaging.

Source: Appendix 4 of Statutory Order no. 1271 of 06 June 2021 on certain requirements for packaging