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Marking of single-use plastic products

The marking, showing a dead sea turtle with a littered single-use plastic product, must: - Inform about the plastic content, correct disposal of the products, or how to avoid inexpedient disposal, as well as environmental impacts from littering. - Contribute to consumer information in the choice of products or behaviour. - Appear in a visible, legible and indelible form on the product itself or the packaging. Single-use plastic products must be marked with one of the below pictograms and in accordance with the directions no later than 3 July 2021.

Products and marking

Cigarette filters

Tobacco product filters, including filter cigarettes, must be marked with this pictogram.

Download pictograms

Sanitary towels

Sanitary towels (pads), tampons, and tampon applicators must use this pictogram

Wet wipes

Pre-wetted personal care and domestic wipes

Beverage cups

All beverage cups, glasses or containers made partly from plastic

Beverage cups

All beverage cups, glasses or containers made wholly from plastic

Beverage cups

All beverage cups, glasses or containers made wholly from plastic must not be littered.

See specification of rules on marking

The marking rules can be found as an attachment to the Danish Statutory Order.

Single Use Plastic - Legislation

Download files for pictograms

Pictograms are available in all national languages.

EU standard pictograms

Duty of information

Products subject to a duty of marking are also subject to an associated duty of information. This entails that businesses subject to producer responsibility must inform their customers about the impact of littering through standard texts on their products. In addition, the duty of information entails that you co-finance local or national awareness raising measures with the following purposes:

Information about:

  • Availability of re-usable alternatives and re-use systems, the most appropriate waste management options available for single-use plastic products, and best practices with regard to sound waste management (e.g. public waste receptacles, pocket ashtrays, etc.)
  • Impact of littering and other inappropriate plastic waste disposal on the environment, in particular the marine environment.
  • Impact of inappropriate means of waste disposal of single-use plastic products on the sewer network.

The duty of information and cleaning up litter is financed in whole or in part through the annual fee that is paid to the national authority.

Read about calculation of fee payment

In doubt about guidelines for marking and the design in practice?


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