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Electronic equipment (EEE)

Total quantities of electronics

Here you can see developments in total quantities of electronics placed on the market, collected, and treated in the years 2016-2020. On the following pages we show data for the most recent reporting year along with developments over a ten-years period.

Developments in total quantities of electronics in the years 2016 to 2020

ÅrMarkedsførtIndsamletSendt til behandling

Statistics electronics

EEE placed on the market

See quantities of electronics per category that were placed on the Danish market in 2020; you can also see developments in quantities placed on the market.

Quantities of waste electronics collected

See quantities of waste electronics collected in municipalities, by compliance schemes, or taken back by the producer in 2020.

Municipal collection of electronics

See municipal collection of waste electronics. See how many electronics each municipality collects per fraction, capita, and total.

Difference - sold and collected

See the difference between what is placed on the market and what is collected as waste.

Treated quantities - Geographical area

See the geographical location of the first treatment facility as well as rate of reuse, recycling, and recovery per category.

Environmental targets Electronics

See Denmark's compliance with environmental targets set out by the EU Commission.