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Packaging – legislation

Legislation relating to packaging

In the following we outline EU legislation on packaging and the Danish implementation. Generally, the packaging directive has been implemented in the Danish Environmental Protection Act, while more detailed provisions are implemented through statutory orders. We expect to see the statutory order on producer responsibility for packaging sometime during 2023.

Packaging directive

Packaging directive

The EU revised packaging directive on requirements for extended producer responsibility (EPR), product design, consumption reduction, and attainment of environmental targets for recycling of second-hand packaging material. The directive is shown with subsequent amendments.

Danish Environmental Protection Act

Danish Environmental Protection Act

Law Act on amendment to the Danish Environmental Protection Act (Implementation of minimum requirements regarding existing extended producer responsibility systems, introduction of extended producer responsibility on packaging)

Order on registration for packaging

Order on registration for packaging

The Danish Statutory order that implement the first part of the Packaging Directive and the producer responsibility on packaging in Denmark. (In Danish only)

Packaging Order

Packaging Order

The Danish Statutory order on certain requirements for packaging is still in force and has definition sections that relate to both the registration order for packaging and the provisions for single-use plastics. (In Danish only)

Simplified time-line on Danish EPR for packaging

Pursuant to various circumstances the time schedule for the implementation of producer responsibility for packaging has been postponed, therefore a new and simplified timetable is shown below.

You who are covered must carry out the statutory registration and report the expected marketed quantities in kilograms from the 1th. of April 2024

The legal registration

The opening of the producer responsibility register for packaging has been postponed from 1 January to expectedly 1 April 2024. This means that those of you who already market packaging in Denmark must register in DPA’s register from 1 April and no later than 31  August 2024. The final provisions for registration and reporting depends on the content of the upcoming legislation in this matter.

Reporting and calculation of environmental targets

The revision of the packaging directive has brought about changes to the requirements for reporting of quantities. These requirements are more complicated than for the other producer responsibility fields. The below provision from the EU describes in detail reporting requirements and calculation methods used for environmental targets.



COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION (EU) 2019/665    of 17 April 2019    amending Decision 2005/270/EC establishing the formats relating to the database system pursuant to European Parliament and Council Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste


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