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Registration deleted

In a number of situations, the system or DPA will delete - inactivate - your registration for producer responsibility. Without a registration it is not legal to place in-scope products on the market in Denmark. All kinds of breach of the duty of registration are reported to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, supervisory authority in the field.


New registration fee

Please note that restoration of registration after a deletion or deactivation due to breach of your producer responsibility will always result in a new registration fee. Please also note that all Danish companies receive invoices and payment reminders via Digital Post on


Reasons for deletion

The system will delete any incomplete registration if:

  • Contact data are not filled in.
  • Product categories are not selected.
  • Confirmation is not signed.
  • An EU-based company has not appointed a Danish authorised representative.
  • Company ceased in CVR business register.

DPA will delete a registration in the following cases:

  • Non-reporting.
  • Non-payment of registration fee and annual fee,
    and if the company asks for it.

DPA will delete a category in the following cases:

  • Missing annual quantity reporting on the category – the category is blank after 31 March

Please note that if an entire product area (e.g. all electronics categories) is deleted,
it costs a new fee of DKK 500.

What happens when your registration is deleted?

Technically speaking, a deletion means that your registration is inactivated in the producer register. After this, the company will no longer be visible in the public part of the register where all approved companies can be searched out by authorities, customs authorities, customers, etc.

The company’s access to the register as well as to the registration certificate will also be closed. In connection with the deletion the reason for it will appear in the system.

Before any deletion we will submit reminders and notices that your company must react to.  In two cases, the registration cannot be re-established without our intervention. The first case is if you do not make your annual reporting; the other case is if you do not pay the annual fee. Since the deletion affects key parts of the producer responsibility system, your company will not be able to reactivate or re-establish a registration under the same CVR number without contacting us in DPA.

Read about reactivation of registration

In case of deletion for reasons of non-completion of the registration in the first place, or when you have asked us to inactivate your registration, the system will ‘find’ your CVR number when you wish to re-establish a registration; after this you can complete/re-establish your registration.

Read about reactivation of category

If a category has been deleted due to missing annual quantity reporting on the category, you can if you wish, select the category yourself again.

Deletion due to breach

How to do it:

If you have received a system notification that the registration has been deleted, the inactivation has already been made.

Your registration has been inactivated, so in reality you do no longer comply with the producer responsibility legislation. Along with the deletion the system will show the reason for it.

Any outstanding issues relating to the two reasons for deletion that concern reporting and payment of fees must be settled before a new registration can be approved.

Therefore, please contact us with a request for reactivation on tel. +45 3915 5161 or


Despite the three months’ reporting period and despite our reminders you have not made the statutory reporting of quantities placed on the Danish market and you have not shown how you have assumed your duty of take-back and environmental treatment of end-of-life equipment. Therefore, you must ask for access and report these quantities before your company can get a new approval of your registration.


If you have not paid the annual fee submitted by invoice to the digital mailbox of your company, you will have to remedy this issue. When contacting DPA, you will be told the amount and/or date of issuance of the invoice. Please pay the outstanding fee.

When you have reported annual quantities or paid the outstanding fee you must send a mail to, asking in writing for a reactivation of your registration.

Please state your CVR (VAT) number.

In connection with the reactivation of your registration we will levy a new registration fee that you must pay within two weeks.

The registration fee amounts to DKK 1,000 for one product group and DKK 500 for any additional product groups.
This means, for instance, that if you have been inactivated for electronics and batteries, we will submit an invoice of DKK 1,500.

When the payment has been received and the confirmation has been signed digitally by you, your company is registered again and approved for complying with the producer responsibility legislation.


Guidelines for Registration and Annual Reporting

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