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Products and responsibility

Registration - a statutory requirement

If you wish to sell products subject to producer responsibility in Denmark, you must make sure to register your business in the national producer register with DPA. The duty of registration is common to all product areas. Please note, however, that in Denmark we have some special issues relating to portable batteries and vehicles.

Portable batteries

Portable batteries

Registration through Danish Business Authority and Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT). See particular issues relating to registration of portable batteries



The number of imported vehicles is transferred from the Danish motor vehicles register. However, your business must still be established in the register.

Tobacco filters

Tobacco filters

Filters for tobacco products are one of several disposable plastic products with producer responsibility.

The duty of registration applies to all importers and producers in the EU. So, there are similar national registers for importers and producers selling products subject to producer responsibility on these markets.

Why register?

The purpose of the national registers is first and foremost to be able to identify those businesses that are approved to sell electrical products, batteries, and vehicles in the different Member States. The register with us in DPA is mandatory for everybody who places products of this type on the Danish market as the first level of the distribution chain.

To sell in-scope products in Denmark legally, your business must register. Without such registration it is illegal for distributors and dealers to buy your products

Proof of registration and public search function

When producers or importers have made the mandatory registration, you will get access, among others, to your proof of registration and annual reports that are often requested in connection with tendering and certification processes. It will also be possible to search out your business in the public part of the register; this function is used, among others, by border authorities, customers, and competitors when they wish to check whether a business complies with the rules.


Large quantities

The other purpose of the registration is to ensure that producers and importers have a one-stop point when reporting how large quantities are placed on the market in the given country and whether corresponding quantities are collected or taken back in order to treat the products in view of producing new products. This is called ‘annual reporting’.

Read more about Reporting

Registration step by step

First of all, create your access to the register

  1. Start with clicking the button “Create registration”
  2. Enter your CVR number after which data will be collected from the Central Business Register
  3. Fill in the other fields and click SAVE
  4. Now you will receive an activation link through the contact mail address you have provided
  5. Contact the company’s NemLog-in administrator and request permissions to access the Producer Responsibility Register. For more information, please visit Access to our register
  6. When you have activated the link, you must attach your business’s MitID Erhverv (non-Danish businesses use a password they choose themselves)

Before you can be approved the registration must be completed. The most important thing is to select product categories and sign “Confirmation” with a digital signature or with Touch.

  1. When you are logged in, you select the menu item “Categories and Reporting” and select the categories you wish to place on the market.
  2. You must also select end-user for electronics and substance groups for batteries.
  3. Enter budgeted quantities.
  4. Click SAVE
  5. Select menu “Company details” and specify your brands.
  6. Select menu item “Confirmation“.
  7. You can choose to sign with MitID Erhverv or with Touch if you are a non-Danish business.
  8. Now your business is approved in the producer register and you will see the menu item “Registration certificate” in the menu to your left.
  9. Furthermore, your business can now be searched out in the public part of the register.

If you want more staff members to have access to the system please contact the company’s NemLog-in administrator .


Digital handshake

When this has been done, the menu item Confirmation changes to Registration certificate. Now your registration is officially approved.

Find guidelines for registration

Questions and answers

When you have found out that your business is covered by the legislation on producer responsibility you can start with the below check list showing the most important requirements for compliance with the law:

  • Marking – marking of equipment with a crossed-out wheeled bin.
  • Registration – registration in the national producer register in DPA with information, among others, on product categories.
  • Reporting – annual reporting of quantities of equipment placed on the market and collected and environmentally treated end-of-life products.
  • Take-back – taking back or contracting of collection of waste equipment and securing approved environmental treatment in view of recovering the material resources contained in the waste.
  • Payment of annual fee.

You can search out information about these topics through our SEARCH function or through the shortcuts featured at the bottom of the pages.

Electrical equipment, batteries, vehicles

The most important purpose of the producer responsibility legislation is motivated by the materials and substances contained in this type of products. Therefore, the general principle is that all businesses producing or importing products in these product groups are covered by the duty to register and report in Denmark.

Check it out for yourself:

  1. Take the test on the homepage of our website
  2. Read about the different product groups

Still in doubt?

  • Contact us in DPA
    We are here to guide you and on request we also make an official authority decision.

Financing of municipal collection

Businesses subject to producer responsibility, including importers, must finance the municipal collection of portable batteries through a payment to the Danish Tax and Customs Administration; this is laid down in the Battery Order. The municipal collection service covers the tasks of planning, establishment, operation, and administration of waste systems as well as collection of portable batteries.

Funds are distributed by the State between the municipalities according to the DUT principle.

DUT principle means Extended Total Balance Principle

DUT ensures that municipalities receive the necessary funds when the Folketing (Danish Parliament) changes rules that entail tasks and thereby costs for the municipalities. The national block grant is adjusted with DUT corresponding to the financial implications for the municipalities.

Read more about portable batteries

On this page, you can see how to access our register:

Access to our register

On this page, you can see how to access our register:

Access to our register

If you cannot search out your registration in the public part of the register or see  your registration certificate, you have forgotten something.

Most often, one or both below items are missing:

  1. Selection of product category/-ies
  2. Digital signature of “Confirmation”

Therefore, log in once more with MitID Erhverv and go to menu item “Categories and quantities”. Select the categories corresponding to your products and end-users, (for batteries it’s substance groups) and click SAVE.

Then proceed to the menu item “Confirmation” and sign it digitally with the business’s MitID Erhverv or touch through Penneo.

When this has been done, the menu item “Confirmation” changes to “Registration certificate”, and your registration is officially approved.

NOTE! Are you importing portable batteries? See particular issues relating to this type of batteries

Please log into the producer register; under the menu item “Category selection and reporting”, under Compliance schemes you can choose a compliance scheme in the drop-down list.

Read more about Compliance schemes



Read the document about costs associated with compliance with the producer responsibility system

Financial guarantee and refunds

Read about provision of financial guarantees for products for use in households and about refunding of fees if your products are exported

Cease, changes, mergers

See what to do if there are changes in connection with your business that have an impact on your registration


See what to do if your registration is deleted and you want to re-registrate

Guidelines from SKAT regarding portable batteries

Read about how portable batteries are reported to the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT) - see guidelines E.A.7.10.3)

Duty of payment to SKAT - portable batteries

Read the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s publication of the fee rates to SKAT - only applies to portable batteries

Online calculator

Test out our online calculator. See what you should expect to pay annually in fees and producer contributions

Marking of equipment

See how to mark your electronics and batteries. Marking is primarily a pictogram with a crossed-out wheeled bin

Terms of payment

Find document with detailed information about information used in our invoicing

Guidelines for Registration and Annual Reporting

Step-by-step document : Guidelines for registration and reporting 2022.


See what all complying businesses must do once a year in the reporting period.

Access to our register

See how to access our register